Casey & Chris venture to the North Naples Country Club, a misleadingly-titled dive bar in Naples. The NNCC boasts having the “hottest wings in Naples”. So hot, patrons have to sign a waiver and wear latex gloves to eat them - but are THEY REALLY THAT HOT? Find out on this week’s WING NUTS!!!!

lonelymuser said: How was your show?

It was fun thank you for asking

Here’s a short film I made.

A short audio clip of me asking the Canyon Club box office if I’m on the guest list for the Aaron Carter concert.

Los Angeles Tonight

I should mention I am playing some acoustic versions of Fake Problems and Antarctigo Vespucci songs tonight at a place called “El Cid”, with my pal Allison Weiss. I bet if you google some keywords I mentioned you can find all of the information you need. Bye thank you!

It’s a very special GRANDMOTHER’S DAY episode of Back To The Island! Tim Daniels joins us for a rousing discussion of Rose and Bernard’s endless love, Edge of Tomorrow, The Mask, The Mask 2, a brand new theme song and just a lot of true joy, you guys.

LA: I am telling a very embarrassing story at this thing next week.